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I'm Theresa: a 21 year old double major in music education & music performance (vocalist - Coloratura Soprano) with a minor in Special Education. West Chester University. I like to be inspired. I'm patient & extremely loving & I learn from mistakes. There are a lot of things that I'm passionate about but I'll let my tumblr do the rest of the talking.

Day by Day. Amor Vincit Omnia.

& not for it’s appearance or anything like that. I hate my body because of my thoracic outlet syndrome & all the nonstop pain that comes with it. I [literally] cannot live my life (a life filled with constant singing & music making) without pain. And. It. Sucks. Everything burns, is tense, painful, tired, sore, the list goes on. I just wish it would stop or let my prescription help it. Instead I have to keep pushing through & pretending that all is fine, working physically harder than I should have to to do what is required of me daily. 

I cannot win. 

Opera auditions are tonight & my allergies are kicking my ass. Fuck. Me.